What an amazing Sunday morning hike with Jungle John!  Down the peninsula towards the coastline, we could see a waterfall plunging from the cliffs in the far distance.  And then, when we finally reached the shoreline – the breathtaking milky color of the ocean as it churned around the entrance to a giant sea cave (which looked much like a Cathedral window or Gothic arch).  Add to that the ‘iwa birds, nesting in the walls of the cavern and whirlwinds of ocean foam blowing right up to the top of the cliffs, and you have the jaw-dropping splendor that is so much a part of our wild North Shore of Maui.  What a day!!  This time, I came prepared with gloves. That old rope is prickly!

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As sweet as grapes, and MUCH more prolific … imagine hiking along a wild ridge down to the ocean, eating strawberry guavas all the way … shimmying down a 140ft cliff (with a rope – not as dramatic as it sounds!) … then lazing in tide pool and watching the ‘iwa birds nesting in the cliffs!  What a glorious day!  “Jungle John” is such a wonderful character!  He does private hikes as well – what a delight! 

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We were working in the garden oceanside of our little Haleakala Cottage today.  Bird-of-Paradise blooming in the background … couldn’t resist the colors of our new beach towels plus the brilliant scarlet hibiscus … and the cool yellow of the last of our late Summer lemons!

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Scarlet hibiscus, apple bananas, fresh tangerines from our trees … Haiku abundance!

October 9, 2014

Pineapples are traditionally the Hawaiian symbol for hospitality … but just look at how MUCH abundance we have around us here, on this beautiful island of Maui!  Our fruit trees have been exploding with limes, lemons, tangerines and avocadoes for the last three months … and now the Star fruit is just coming into season.  […]

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Maui hyacinths love our warm, blue days!

October 2, 2014

Look  at my gorgeous garden waterfall pond.  We just had three weeks hot, dry late late summer … one day they all decided to flower at once, giving us a spectacular Monet back garden!

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Summer lilikoi (passionfruit)

August 29, 2014

We can never get enough lilikoi!  My fave at the moment:  fill a glass with ice cubes and water, put in at least one passionfruit and a big squeeze of lime or tangerine (we have both at the moment!), a little squeeze of stevia … no calories … sweet and yummy!  LOVE SUMMER ON THE […]

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25% for TripAdvisor

February 7, 2014

Thanks to our wonderful guests who gave us fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor  we are offering a 25% savings for the entire month of June!

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NEWSFLASH: last minute Jan 18 – 30 in Star Honeymoon Lookout! 18 – 28 in Haleakala

December 30, 2013

Our only openings for January, so do take advantage of these – ask for a 10% ‘last minute’ discount, okay?  Star is normally $305 a night plus tax, and Haleakala $245 a night plus tax … nice to save some money after Christmas, hmm?

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Waves are coming!

August 27, 2013

Kai, our 16 1/2 year old hunky surfer-dude, can’t wait for winter waves which are FINALLY beginning to come in. Just small ones at first … but Kai believes in working his way up to the biggies at Honolua Bay #Maui No Ka Oi, right?

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our spectacular black sand beach!

August 10, 2013

Off to Hana today, hoping the rain won’t chase us. LOVE our only black sand beach and the spectacular cliffs of Waianapanapa! Wild and gorgeous!

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