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As above, so below … warm, glassy calm oceans for September

richard's diving pics !cid_D5FADB34-9ACE-4E36-BC26-7A6BC2282F95


diving pic 2

Snapped a few weeks ago by Richard, one of our young ag farm interns, who’s visditing us from France … lower picture is what we called a “parrot” fish, with a ‘yellow tang’ by his tail … an I’ve never seen that bright red sea anemone?  coral?  before … and isn’t that a humuhumunukunukuapua’a, middle pic?  All these snapped on his phone!

This kind of weather, I keep my snorkel & fins in the back of my car,  just in case Ho’okipa or Pa’ia Bay or Mama’s Beach or Baby Beach calls me while I’m driving home …


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