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Max, Teresa (our Banana Bread Queen) and George all took a walk along the Bamboo Forest trail the other day … and look who they found …

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V__AECC (2)This got lost on my desktop yesterday but I couldn’t resist popping it up today, just for fun.  What better way to say “Halloween in Hawaii?”

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richard's diving pics !cid_D5FADB34-9ACE-4E36-BC26-7A6BC2282F95


diving pic 2

Snapped a few weeks ago by Richard, one of our young ag farm interns, who’s visditing us from France … lower picture is what we called a “parrot” fish, with a ‘yellow tang’ by his tail … an I’ve never seen that bright red sea anemone?  coral?  before … and isn’t that a humuhumunukunukuapua’a, middle pic?  All these snapped on his phone!

This kind of weather, I keep my snorkel & fins in the back of my car,  just in case Ho’okipa or Pa’ia Bay or Mama’s Beach or Baby Beach calls me while I’m driving home …


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Kai at the Falls

August 8, 2015

For any of our guests who remember Kai as a baby … (we’ve been here since 1992 – Kai is now 18 1/2) … here he is … taken yesterday at the falls which his friends call “Fairyland” – if you look at the grotto and the beautiful ferns in the background, you’ll see why. […]

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Hiking Ukemehame for Mother’s Day

May 13, 2015

 Who’d have thought this dry looking valley would be hiding a gorgeous, rushing white-water stream and lush valley? We’ve been having lots of rain lately, so rather than cancel our hike, we went blue sky chasing … just on the way to Lahaina.  Maui’s very own Red Rock landscape!

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Florists from Florida

March 13, 2015

A few days ago, I stopped in at the Santos Flower & Fruit stand to grab some fresh papayas and apple bananas.  These girls couldn’t BELIEVE the size of our flowers and asked me to snap their photo. Yes, that yellow heliconia is taller than any of them.  They told me they were ‘florists from […]

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When is a banana not a banana? When it’s an ORCHID BANANA!

February 6, 2015

Being from tropical Australia originally, I’ve always lived with bananas growing in my back yard.  But I had to come all the way to Maui to discover this little jewel.  It looks just like a small bunch of RED bananas, but has a GORGEOUS orchid pink banana ‘flower’ on it.  It looks totally spectacular in […]

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Celebrating Maui! and welcoming some rain after a DRY three weeks!

January 25, 2015

When I saw the purple beach & dancing lady, I just had to smile!  Doesn’t it just say “MAUI”?  An extra celebration, too, today with the return of the rain after three VERY dry weeks and Kona vog.  My garden gives thanks!  It’s a soft Kona rain, perfect for snuggling up and relaxing with your […]

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An appreciation for where we ARE …

January 17, 2015

Jeff and I were sitting outside having coffee this morning – our morning ritual – really appreciating the beauty that is surrounding us.  We have a “day off” today.  Where to go?  What to do?  Why not Twin Falls, which is literally one mile down the road from us – just a little towards Pa’ia.  […]

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A crystal day at Wailua … the beginning of Hawaii ‘winter’!

December 9, 2014

What an amazing day for our Aussie guests to take a trip up to Wailua valley & magic waterfalls … after calling in to Kaenae first of course, for some wild ocean! Maui no ka oi!  Whales have been sighted on the west side, so soon we’ll be hearing them under our north shore cliffs! […]

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