Permit License #: BBPH 2009/0015, TAT# TA-105-110-5280-01


Huelo Point Lookout is a romantic Maui hideaway owned and operated by myself, Sharyn Stone, and my husband, Jeff Stone. We have been full time bed and breakfast operators since 1998 and absolutely love what we do. We provide peace and tranquility to people from all over the world.

Our property is located on Maui’s rugged north shore and overlooks some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. I can honestly say that until you’ve watched the sun rise from the Pacific Ocean’s eastern horizon, then you’ve missed one of earth’s most beautiful pleasures. Every morning seems filled with possibility when this is the first thing you see.


Obviously, I am passionate about where we live. This is truly a magical place. People feel healed by coming here, by simply being in this wondrous place. Every day brings something different. During the winter we watch Humpback whales breach outside our windows as rainbows arc above the bluest water you’ve ever seen. Year round cleansing trade winds blow billowy white clouds across the horizon and set the ocean raging with cresting swell and whitecaps as far as the eye can see. On land, myna birds and wild parrots fly overhead. Banana trees and coconut palms abound on our land. Everywhere you turn is beauty.

And of course, there are the accommodations. We have gone to great lengths to provide our guests with everything that a great vacation hideaway should have. Comfort and tranquility set amongst the most beautiful surroundings on Maui’s north shore – that defines your stay at Huelo Point Lookout.

Come stay with us. We’ll show you the best time of your life.